IBM Certified Solution Expert Certification Exams – Cognos BI

This IBM certification is for BI Solution Experts. BI Solution Experts are in charge of the analysis, planning, design, deployment, and operation of Cognos applications through the use of a fitting methodology and development approach. A total of four exams must be successfully completed in order for an individual to attain this certification, and some skills must are necessary beforehand. These required prerequisite skills include an understanding of Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology and a level of technical proficiency when it comes to the features of the Cognos Managers and Studios.

The first IBM test that must be passed is the Test COG-612 – IBM Cognos 10 BI Author or the Test COG-112 – IBM Cognos 8 BI Author. The second is the Test COG-632 – IBM Cognos 10 BI Metadata Model Developer. The third is the Test COG-180 – IBM Cognos BI Professional. The final exam allows the individual to choose from 7 different tests. Any one of them will satisfy the final requirement for this certification.

This IBM certification takes a great deal of effort but is well worth it. To successfully complete all of these exams and to do so on the first attempt each time, one must come up with a preparation strategy. A well-rounded preparation strategy will include courses, hands-on training, and a variety of study materials. The best study materials around are conveniently located at TestsLive. They can help you to prepare for each of the 4 exams that you must take so that you can pass each one and attain this coveted certification. Go to TestsLive for your study materials today.

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